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Don’t turn blind eye to child cases—activist

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

As this country joined with the rest of the world in celebrating International Children’s Day yesterday social activist Hazel Brown is urging to citizens to make early interventions to stem the tide of child abuse and violence in this country.

Brown said too many children were suffering and far too often adults turned a blind eye.

“We need intervention from an early age and we also need to pump more resources to focus on the needs of children. People must be encouraged to stand up and speak up so that the lives of children can be saved. We must understand that we can no longer turn a blind eye whenever a child is being abused,” Brown said.

She said one of the biggest obstacles was people refusing, for one reason or the other, to identify and speak out against child abuse.

Education Minister Anthony Garcia said his ministry would continue to adhere to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which included the right to education.

He said the ministry also reiterated its commitment to quality, accessibility and equity in education while celebrating the achievements.

He also called on parents to be role models.

The Children’s Authority also urged that the rights of children, regardless of religion, race or gender must be protected. Children have the right to education and full opportunity for play and recreation, the right to adequate nutrition and medical care, the right to special care if disabled and the right to express their views and be heard, the Authority said.

It added that recently the Authority expanded its public education campaign to primary and secondary schools throughout the nation in commemoration of Universal Children’s Day.