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Irma survivors tell tales of fear

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Encouraged by the outpouring of love from the Antiguans to their fellow countrymen and women from sister-isle Barbuda, cosmetologist Angie Skerritt said last night that it was enough to rid the scare of the experience of Hurricane Irma.

Speaking to the T&T Guardian minutes after disembarking Caribbean Airlines flight BW459 from Antigua, Skerritt thanked God that Antigua did not suffer the extent of infrastructural damage that Barbuda did.

“It was scary but it was not what we anticipated. We had very high winds but no rain. Thank God we survived,” Skerritt said.

“All Antiguans came out with clothes, foodstuff and water for the people of Barbuda. They were comforted, motivated and gave love and faith and that by itself was encouraging to me,” she added.

Skerritt is originally from St Vincent but lives in Cedar Valley, Antigua. She decided to come to Trinidad on vacation for the rest of this week.

Architect Newton Charles, also of Antigua, said his Hurricane Irma experience caused much anxiety.

“Prior to the hurricane we were getting reports of the intensity of the storm, which was our first of that magnitude. I’m into building codes and our buildings are built to stand up to maximum 150 mph winds not as much as 185 mph and a Category 5,” Charles said.

“I thought nothing is going to stand but we made it through. Sad state for Barbuda though.”

Antiguan Nakeebah James a student here in Trinidad, said she was terrified during the hurricane’s passage.

“I went home for vacation. It was frightening, but thank God I am able to return to my studies.”

A T&T national who wished not to be identified said he came in through Antigua from Jamaica and was “just lucky to escape Hurricane Irma in its entirety.”