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Oval artwork will be replaced says QP official

Friday, December 28, 2012
Queen’s Park Oval employees Jerome Ambrose, left, and Anthony Alexander take down a damaged print by Ann Stapleton (Road Side Market) on Tragarete Road yesterday. It was one of many pieces vandalised around the venue during the holiday period. PHOTO: ROBERTO CODALLO

The slashing of artwork on the perimeter wall of the Queen’s Park Oval in Port-of-Spain discovered on Monday, is the worst damage done to the People’s Canvas art project since it began in 2008. This is the opinion of Queen’s Park Cricket Club (QPCC) CEO Richard Mowser.


In an interview yesterday with the T&T Guardian, Mowser said 12 of the 14 paintings on the Tragarete Road wall of the Oval had been slashed in what he described as an act of “pure vandalism.” The prints are reproductions of the work of local artists and photographers. He said none on the other walls, including the cricket pictures on Elizabeth Street, had been damaged.


“We have instances where we have needed to replace paintings before, but not to this extent,” Mowser said. He said QPCC was looking at different ways to protect the artwork in the future. “The paintings are cloth over a frame and we are looking at either mounting them over something sturdier or putting something in front of them to protect them,” Mowser said.


He said, “It looked like somebody just walked past with a knife and out of bad mind, cut them.” Mowser said the plan was to have the pictures replaced.