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Violent crime continues to be a major concern and with statistics from the T&T Police Service showing a 1.4 per cent increase in overall serious criminal activity in the past year, the majority the them gang or drug related, more and more citizens are taking measures to protect themselves.

In recent months, there has been increased interest in...

Tyson, the one-year-old animal, referred to as “miserable” by Kalloo, copped his first award at the Sugar and Energy Festival this June.The senior citizen, who recently won four awards at the Festival, spoke excitedly about his love for animals.


 Langustan is a community on the northeastern section of T&T.

As the pendulum oscillates, Gonzalez dips into her knowledge of the arcane and mysterious.She expounds upon the pendulum’s powers to remove curses—via the Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). Interviewed a week ago, Gonzalez said: “SRT deals with the soul.

Here in T&T, we make a bold statement that “Trini Christmas is de best,” sometimes without really knowing how Christmas is celebrated in other parts of the world.