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Wedding time management

Sunday, October 16, 2016

There are strict rules nowadays about the times to be in and out of ceremony and reception locations; and sometimes there may even be monetary penalties. Therefore, it’s more crucial than ever to be punctual and have things flow smoothly on the wedding day. 

However, that’s easier said than done, since weddings involve many different activities that can occur simultaneously or precisely in sequence.

Human behaviour, children’s lack of co-operation, the weather, or sometimes just plain bad luck can sometimes make timing your activities difficult. One way in which you can anticipate challenges is by hiring a wedding planner whose experience can help you spot problem areas even before they arise.

Generally, there are four main instances where couples underestimate their time:

Not asking wedding vendors to approximate their times

Find out approximate times that vendors would take for their services; for example, the length of time your hair stylist would take will affect the timing of your make-up artist (since it is often wiser to do hair before make-up). Also, the arrival time of your decorator will affect the arrival time of your cake (the cake table should be decorated before the cake arrives). The lighting and special effects professional will execute after the decorator has done his/her job. 

Dressing time
Many brides and grooms underestimate the length of time it takes to dress. There are many time-consuming elements, for example—undergarments to put on first, lacing up, sashes to tie, tiny buttons to fasten, jewelry to hook and even the garter to remember! A good idea is to let someone help you dress or hire a professional who specialises in this area. Being in a hurry to dress can also affect other things, for example, unwanted make-up and lipstick stains on your clothing or even snags on beading.

A reasonable amount of time to allot for the photographer’s session after the ceremony and before the reception would be a minimum of an hour-and-a-half. Larger bridal parties can take a longer time. To ensure that this segment goes smoothly, brief your photographer beforehand with a list of required photos and also acquaint your photographer with family members. It's always a good idea to have someone in charge of getting the various groupings together (eg family members/bridesmaids) to ensure a smoother production flow. 

Commute times
Couples should find out from their driver/limousine company how long the commute would be from home to the ceremony and from ceremony to reception. It is also a much better idea for brides and grooms to get dressed as a group, in a location adjacent to where their ceremony will take place.