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Safer to travel by hot air balloon

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Despite pleadings from the Police Traffic Branch and Arrive Alive, speeding and driving drunk on the nation’s roads have now become the norm, all because drivers are getting off with a ticket and a measly fine.

With the upcoming Christmas and Carnival seasons, road deaths and injuries are expected to rise. Like it is a jokey thing or what? Me, I am learning to fly with a jet pack or with wings. Given the reckless way drivers are manoeuvring their metal monsters, it is safer to travel by hot air balloon.

A drunk or speeding driver behind the wheel is a danger to himself and other users of the roadway. We need to get tough with jail sentences. The kicksing must stop! Lives are being lost on the roads; innocent people are being sent to meet Jesus. This foolishness must stop.

Pretty soon the speed limit will become law, and move from 80 kilometres per hour to 100. I feel funeral agencies will benefit immensely.