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Roget’s right

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Ancel Roget, in response to a multinational’s decision to locate certain activities elsewhere, was that the company could take its oil rig and go.

We have so many armchair energy construction experts in T&T it is not funny. How many of you has had any oilfield experience? That many?

Who is Roget? Let us call him a trade unionist. The role of a trade union is to look after the interests of their members. They can work in partnership with the employers.

What really is Roget’s crime? You tell me. What is he guilty of?

All the arm chair critics, how much oilfield experience do they have? How many of you critical adults have ever worn safety shoes, coveralls and hard hat? Successfully completed a BOSIET?

Have you ever worked with La Brea Crude and compared it with East Coast Crude? How many of you have spent 28 days away from home in the Atlantic and the only way you knew it was Sunday was because of the callaloo? Everybody is an expert.

Talk is cheap. This is not about slavery and indentureship being over but the continued existence of the ‘’House slaves and Arkatias.’’

Roget has nothing to be apologetic for. Is he responsible for the present price of oil? Or the continued failure of Petrotrin under different successive regimes?

What did he do wrong? Speak the truth? Protect labour against victimisation and injustice? Roget was just doing his job; that should be commended not criticised in this day and age. Roget has proven to be a leader, not a supervisor or manager. We need more like him.

The reason we lost the job was because of competitiveness, plain talk bad manners.

Keep the faith.

We shall overcome someday soon.


AV Rampersad