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Bring back the hangman

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Our Prime Minister openly stated that he had no issue with capital punishment as it is there in the law. I am once again in agreement with this, we cannot continue this way, losing the battle against crime in this country. Implement all that is legally available at our disposal.

It is always easy to argue an issue but I have observed that when people become the victims in situations their tune changes. All who seem to have a million and one reasons for not hanging, which is there in black and white, wait and see when it hits home—a new tune will be birthed.

There is a group out there in our society that cares nothing about life and will take it away without thinking or even blinking. They need to be dealt with in a language they can understand.

We have had enough funerals that brought so much pain to families unnecessarily, it is time to fight back with every weapon at our disposal. The criminal elements out there are not calling any meeting or holding years of debate before they kill, they are using all that is at their disposal, swift and sure.

I would like all our politicians to know while it takes weeks and months to make decisions on crime and the way forward, citizens continue to be buried. Let us pull together and do something about this situation. Bring back the hangman.


Arnold Gopeesingh, San Juan