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What is becoming of my land?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I am a Trinidadian living in the USA since 1969, and have always thought of my birth place as home, like any other person who feels a sense of belonging.

I have been travelling back to Trinidad on a yearly basis for Carnival and family. I understand, like in America, no one thinks to be patriotic where the dollar is concerned.

I am concerned how the Carnival has become all about money and no longer about art and culture. Now that everyone is paying for goods and services in US currency and funds are deposited in US banks, how does this affect the flow of US dollars into the island, and the revenue lost to local tax payers?

With high levels of crime many are afraid to come to T&T, and also about the report of corruption on the island. Who is in charge of the judicial system?

I think it’s time we should get back to the garden and feed ourselves instead of importing orange juice from Florida, and milk etc. The island of Trinidad and Tobago is in true a paradise; let us all go back to soil to keep us healthy, and not when we die.

May God bless the islands of Trinidad and Tobago.


Allan Nottingham,

Douglasville, Georgia