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Too much duplication within police service

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The choice of weapon used to commit murder in T&T is the gun, and presently the country is saturated with these. Since Tommy was a little boy we have been hearing that this is due to our unprotected sea borders and close proximity to the Venezuela mainland.

Information obtained is that a few retirees, who some say have been failures during active duties, were given the mandate to come up with a plan to eradicate the heavy arms and ammo trade in T&T.

The answers to this menace has always been with the protective agencies, that is, the police service and it’s members. They have to implement a heavy Street Offences Operation. There is too much free movement of people roaming the streets with the sole purpose of committing crimes. Examples: pickpocket, snatching of valuables, loitering, gambling, offensive language, throwing of missiles etc.

Guns without the human touch is harmless. The police service has too much duplication within it’s organisation. Many a unit doing the same function. There are some non-sensitive electronic jobs being done by police officers. Assigned these officers to various stations and employ civilians to do those jobs.

Athelston Clinton,